More than high volume Production Furniture? Yes…..probably?

A better question to ask is – Does the price represent good value for money? We’ve all seen furniture on display in the larger retailers, interior designed room settings with matching accessories and thought ‘that looks good’ but on closer inspection, the quality can range from somewhat suspect to badly made.

Price is usually of high importance to most people when buying new furniture but what’s the point in buying something that will need replaced in a year or two because it no longer works properly, is damaged and looks soiled and scruffy?

There’s no doubt that some of the production furniture out there looks great and has gone through a lengthy design process before going into production, but sadly the quality of the end product is poor and not built to last. Could be that the materials used are inferior and not quite up to the job, the quality of the joinery is suspect or non-existent, replaced by modern production methods and the finishes are superficial if provided at all!

Handcrafted Bespoke Furniture is made to measure, but can be made to suit a price, with selected materials that are suitable for intended use. Furniture Makers will discuss with a potential customer their requirements before deciding best options for materials, joinery and finishes and these options will have an impact on price. If a customer wants the best of the best and has specified solid hardwood throughout, then this is going to cost! However as with all materials, hardwood varies considerably in price, Walnut being at the top end and Beech at the lower end of the scale (don’t get me wrong Beech is still great timber to work with), so we have options. Same goes for joinery, handmade dovetailed drawers do look great but take extra time to make.

Bespoke Furniture needn’t be made from all solid hardwood and it’s quite common and perfectly acceptable to use veneered MDF and Plywood for panelled surfaces, sides and backs of cabinets, along with solid hardwood face-frames, edgings, mouldings and features. Costs can be kept much lower whilst not compromising on quality or durability.

With a local Bespoke Furniture Maker you will always get the craftsmanship inherent in the quality of their work and be assured that the end product will look great and perform it’s function for years to come.

So there we have it, discuss your requirements with your Furniture Designer / Maker and investigate the numerous options available to match your budget – don’t just assume that Bespoke Furniture will be out of your price range!

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